Food: A tasty piece of Italy next to the San Bernardo Bridge

When you call to make the reservation, a living voice answers you from the other side with a ‘buongiorno’. You might think that it is a paripe, but no. The Italy that beats behind the door of Food (Bartolomé de Medina, 21) it is as real as the Fountain of the four rivers in Piazza Navona. If you are hungry, don't keep reading. Or if.

The Italian accent lives in the throats of the waiters, and it is a pleasure to hear you speak this Neapolitan Andalusian that you learned in your years in Seville. Italians from Betica by adoption. Despite what the restaurant manners gurus may say, here that the waitress talks a lot is not a nuisance. Francesca confidently explains each ingredient on the menu that may sound strange to us, from 'speck' to 'guanciale'. "Do not be afraid, you are not asking for much. You Spaniards think that Italians eat a lot, but it really is not so much », tells the five of us that we occupy the table, guarded by a huge shelf filled with authentic Italian products…