Tapas in Italy without leaving San Bernardo

Italian gastronomy is not based only on spaghetti, breeches, Four seasons pizzas or panacota or tiramisu desserts. A maxim that he defends at all costs Nicholas Migala, Italian hotelier who during his residence in Rome has visited Seville on countless occasions and always hand in hand with his wife, native of Utrera. Years of frequent trips in which family visits to Seville were always accompanied by what for Migala became almost an obsession: find a restaurant in Seville where they served “the authentic kitchen of Italy”.

not succeeding, the Italian made his own the proverb if 'Muhammad does not go to the mountain, the mountain goes to Mohammed'. And there he went. not to the mountain, but to Seville where last Holy Thursday the Alimentari restaurant opened in the San Bernardo area, the Italian establishment that Migala always wanted to find in the city and where one hundred percent Italian traditional dishes are prepared. ” My chefs Ciro Borriello and Lorenzo Falzarano, with whom I have worked for fifteen years in another restaurant that I had in the center of Rome, and that they have come to Seville with me”, explained Migala…